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Student Dress Code

Students must follow the School Board of Highlands County dress code while at a school both virtually (must be dressed appropriately for video meetings) and when physically on any district campus for testing, school pictures, picking up materials, etc.

School administrators have the final authority to determine when personal appearance and dress do not meet school and school board standards and have the authority to take appropriate action. Face mask/covering requirements are subject to change based on updated CDC and school board guidelines.

Guidelines and considerations for HVS dress code:


Dresses, skirts, shorts, skorts, slits in skirts shall be no more than 5 inches above the knee. Distressed, holes, rips, see-through, shredding, or leggings are NOT allowed. Bottoms will be worn at the natural waist as required by Florida Law.


Blouses, shirts, and dresses shall not:

  • Be Strapless

  • Be Transparent

  • Reveal Bare Midriff

  • Be Low Cut

Head & Face Coverings

  • No head coverings or hats allowed.

  • No bandanas.

  • Face coverings required at specific times.


Shoes must be worn at all times. Athletic, boots, dress, & sandal types of shoes are allowed. Bedroom slippers and roller-skate shoes are not allowed.

Accessories and Outerwear

Accessories should be kept to a minimum to avoid distractions. No sunglasses, hair picks, choke chains, chain belts, etc. Bandana patterns are not allowed.


  • Formfitting and body hugging clothes are not allowed.

  • Undergarments must be worn but not visible.

  • All clothing must be worn right side out and pants zipped.

  • Students may not wear clothing or display jewelry, buttons or any other items (including tattoos) with words, phrases, symbols, pictures, patches or graphics which are indecent, distractive or disruptive to the learning environment. This includes anything that is hazardous, offensive or sexually suggestive.