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Student Activities & Clubs

Students can enhance their time at Highlands Virtual School by being involved in student activities and leadership programs. Read more about our clubs and find sponsor/advisor information below.

Art Club

Faculty Sponsor: Ms. Lethbridge

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Student Government Association (SGA)

Faculty Sponsor: Ms. Saenz

Lacey Bass - President

John Jones - Vice-President

Arlin Lee - Secretary

Ellie Tunning - Treasurer

We are a community-minded club and strive to give back with various service projects. This past December, we had a toy/food drive for local charities and we are currently working on a collection for the Highlands County Humane Society. We are currently organizing a drive for Champion of Children in March as well.

If someone is interested in joining, they can contact Ms. Saenz through email for an application.

National Honors Society (NHS)

Faculty Sponsors: Ms. Polatty

Elajah de la Nuez - President

Lexandra Luevano - Vice President

Catrina Lim - Treasurer

Kelly Leal - Secretary

Kahjaun Burton - Historian

Eduardo Jirau -Adames - Point Secretary

Iverson de la Nuez - Social Secretary


Annja Russell, Augus Quetot, Catrina Lim, Eduardo Jirau-Adames, Elijah de la Nuez, Iversonde la Nuez, Kahjaun Burton, Kelly Leal, Kiara Clark and Lexandra Luevano

The object of this chapter will be to foster an enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote worthy leadership, and to encourage the development of character in all students of the high school.

Potential members are invited to fill out an application and have it approved by the HVS NHS board. The qualifications to be invited are juniors or seniors that have attended HVS for a minimum of one semester with a minimum grade point average of 3.5 weighted or 3.25 unweighted along with evidence of community service, leadership and character and recommendations by two teachers . Transfer students with a letter from their previous school are also eligible to join.