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Elementary Offerings

Full time virtual school for Kindergarten through Fifth grade is now offered through Highlands Virtual School. The elementary online curriculum features standards-aligned courses that are monitored and supported by our HVS Elementary team of certified teachers.

Students complete age-appropriate, engaging lessons while the instructor closely monitors student progress and performance with usage statistics, grading and feedback tools, curriculum maps and communication tools

The parent plays a critical role in the process by serving as a "Learning Guide". The Learning Guide has explicit instructions for setting up the learning environment and directly supervising academic activities. We provide the resources the Learning Guide will need to insure success. This role is key and time intensive, so read the materials below for a clear picture of the expectations.

In order to be a successful full-time student with Highlands Virtual School students should:

  • Have been successfully promoted to the next grade level at the end of the previous school year with a 2.0 GPA or better.

  • For mid-year entrance, students must have demonstrated success in first semester courses (grades of C or better).