Home Education and Highlands Virtual School

Understanding the difference

There is a distinct difference between Full Time Virtual School and Home Education. This page is designed to help clarify the similarities and differences. Additional information about from the Florida Department of Education can be found at Home Education and Virtual Education .

To begin the parent completes the “Intent to Home Educate” form and declares the student as Home Education within the district through Tracy Mays the Home Education Coordinator 863-471-5571.


• The parent is responsible for selecting and implementing the curriculum.

• The parent is responsible for documenting and submitting the proper paper work to Tracy Mays in the Home Education Department each year.


  • Home Education does not require State Standardized testing or District testing.


  • Home Education does not require graduation requirements including State testing, credits, etc. Students do not receive a diploma.


  • Home Education students have the flexibility of working from home.

To begin a student applies, interviews and meets all of the criteria to be enrolled in Highlands Virtual School during the open enrollment period. See Enrollment criteria on the Enrollment page.


• The curriculum used in Highlands Virtual School is selected from State of Florida approved Virtual Instruction Provider (VIP).

• The rigorous curriculum is aligned to the state standards.

• All instructors are highly qualified, in-field Highlands County teachers.

• The student must meet all grade level requirements for student promotion.


  • Highlands Virtual School students are required to participate in all State and Local Assessments.


  • Highlands Virtual School awards a standard diploma upon successful completion of state graduation requirements.


  • Highlands Virtual students have the flexibility of working from home and designing their own school days, however attendance requirements must be met weekly.

  • Teachers assigned hours are 7:45 am to 3: 15 p.m. daily and follow the district calendar.