Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can a Home Education student take classes with HVS?

Yes, a parent can choose to use our curriculum for one or more courses, but the parent is still responsible for the student’s entire academic curriculum and for submitting paper work showing adequate progress for the school year to the Home Education department. A Home Education student is not considered as a fulltime Highlands Virtual student, they are enrolled with Home Education and the parent is choosing to use us for curriculum. This is similar to a student at a brick and mortar school taking a class with HVS. The student is still enrolled in the brick and mortar school, and that school is still responsible for the student. Home Education has its own set of rules based on Florida Statute.

Can a student at a brick and mortar school take classes with HVS?

Yes, students can take classes with HVS through a scheduled lab time at their school or on their own outside of school. HVS offers part-time enrollment for a wide variety of courses. Students can see their guidance counselor for enrollment options throughout the school year.

How and when can I enroll in full-time Virtual instruction with Highlands Virtual?

Highlands Virtual offers open enrollment at the beginning of each semester and there are requirements for admission, an application and an interview process. All enrollment requirements must be met prior to the application deadline. Full-time enrollment is not available at any other time. Information on requirements, open enrollment and the application to apply can be found at the Highlands Virtual School Website

What happens if I do not complete my course with HVS?

All enrollments must complete the entire course with a passing grade of a 60 or higher to receive credit. Credit is only issued on the completion of a course- no partial credit or transfer grades are given with a virtual course.

What is the difference between Florida Virtual and Highlands Virtual?

Highlands Virtual is a school within the Highlands County School District. Teachers at Highlands Virtual are highly qualified local district teachers who work to align curriculum to the district and work in relationship with the local schools. Highlands Virtual teachers not only provides virtual instruction and support, but also offers face to face services through office appointments and lab hours to full-time students. Florida Virtual is virtual school that works within the state of Florida providing courses and teachers virtually to every district.