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Teacher Hours:

  • Teacher office hours are 7:45am - 3:15pm, Monday through Friday

  • As a Highlands County School, we also follow the district calendar for holidays, teacher work days, etc.

  • IMPORTANT - our courseware is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, however the teachers are not. If you contact an HVS teacher after hours, it may be 24 -48 hours before you receive a response.


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You can save a direct line contact with your teacher in your iPhone or Android. This will call our automated switchboard and transfer the call to your teacher automatically.


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Create or Edit Contact

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Enter Extension Number for Teacher: Found below under each teachers name

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Number should look like: 863-471-5442,1234



Office: 863-471-5679

Assistant Principal

Office: 863-471-5679

Elementary Faculty

Mrs. Belanger, photo


Mrs. Laura Belenger

Office: 863-471-5442 ext. 10391

First Grade

Ms. Tiffany LaVire

Office: 863-471-5442 ext. 10403

Cell: Phone (850)764-1699

Google Classroom

Second Grade

Mrs. Susie Henson-Smith

Office: 863-471-5442 ext. 10394

Fourth Grade

Mrs. Rita Graham

Office: 863-471-5442 ext. 10392

Fifth Grade

Mrs. Kayley Cobb

Office: 863-471-5442 ext. 10396

Literacy/Curriculum Resource Teacher (LCRT)

Mrs. Daniele Sutton Brown

Office: 863-471-5442 ext. 10393

Secondary Faculty

Language Arts

Unlisted Teacher

Office: 863-471-5442 ext. 26507


Mr. John De La Cruz

Office: 863-471-5442 ext. 10384


Ms. Yvette Hendry

Office: 863-471-5442 ext. 10390

Click to schedule a time with Ms. Hendry


Mr. Micah Taylor

Office: 863-471-5442 ext. 10423


Mrs. Terri Sinclair

Office: 863-471-5442 ext. 10246

Cell: 863-949-0487

Mrs. Sinclair's Math Website


Mr. Widen Aguilera Gutierrez

Office: 863-471-5442 ext. 10436

Spanish and Algebra

Mrs. Yuleivys Magrinat Sardina

Office: 863-471-5442 ext. 10424

Cell: 863-226-1372


Ms. Zunen Cabrera

Office: 863-471-5442 ext. 10421


Mrs. Stephanie Ramos

Office: 863-471-5442 ext. 10420

Mrs. Ramos Website

Social Studies

Mr. Steven Manley

Office: 863-471-5442 ext. 10250

Social Studies

Mrs. Rhonda Hunter

Office: 863-471-5442 ext. 10418

Cell: 863-703-0487

Mrs. Hunter's Website

Social Studies

Mrs. Colleen Polatty

Office: 863-471-5442 ext. 10419

Cell: 786-520-5758

Art & Gifted

Mrs. Margaret (Mandie) Pierce

Office: 863-471-5442 ext. 10380

Cell: 863-455-9487

Mrs. Pierce's Website


Mrs. Yen Barrueta Miranda

Office: 863-471-5442 ext. 10425


Mrs. Lisa Saenz

Office: 863-471-5442 ext. 10404

Physical Education/ AVID

Mrs. Joy Cocanougher

Office: 863-471-5442 ext.10291

Mrs. Cocanougher's Website

Business & Graduation Coach

Mrs. Linda Hernandez

Office: 863-471-5442 ext. 10382

Guidance & Resource Teachers

Guidance Counselor

Ms. Jonelle Carty

Office: 863-471-5442 ext. 10416

Guidance Counselor

Mrs. Jennifer Langston

Office: 863-471-5442 ext. 10415

Dean of Students

Ms. Rebecca Donnell

Office: 863-471-5442 ext. 10376

Lead ESE Resource

Mrs. Stefanie Hendrick

Office: 863-471-5442 ext. 10381

ESE Resource

Mrs. Dawn Ziegler

Office: 863-471-5442 ext. 10395

Office Staff

ISS Para

Ms. Elizabeth Batts

Office 863-471-5679 ext. 10430

Administrative Secretary

Mrs. Tina Farless

863-471-5442 ext. 10280

Fax 863-471-5568

Guidance Secretary

Mrs. Carol Francis

Office 863-471-5442 ext. 10413

Fax 863-471-5568

Front Desk Clerk

Ms. Kaytee Howell

Office 863-471-5679

HVS Student Help Desk

Mr. Casey Jones


Attendance Clerk

Ms. Christina Schwandt

Office 863-471-5679

Fax 863-471-5568

Registration & Data Clerk

Mrs. Laurie Stoll

Office 863-471-5442 ext. 26516

Fax 863-471-5568

IDEA Guidance Clerk

Ms. Kathryn Tolar

Office 863-471-5679 ext. 10432



Office 863-471-5679

Adjunct/Part-Time Faculty

Elementary Art (adjunct)

Mrs. Kristy Harris

863-471-5442 ext. 25247

Math (adjunct)

Mr. Ben Reser

863-471-5442 ext. 16523

Physics (adjunct)

Mrs. Cindy Rivers

Cell 863-535-6314

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